Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dead or Alive

Flower buds (like the one above in our garden) takes time to blossom. So does indexing of one's website by Google. But there are steps one can take to help speed this process up a little.

The page rank and the indexing of this old inactive blog has "fallen off" the radar of Google's indexing in their last page ranking exercise and it is now back to zero! Which though unfortunate, if I cared about the PR and I'm not as this blog is not monetized; gives me an opportunity to try to see how fast I can get it indexed again. And why is it so important to get your web site and pages indexed? If not then you'll never be found! So I'd started to make some comments on other blogs to get some backlinks and also submitted to a few free "engines".

To help my fellow classmates along (who would be treading the same path soon enough with their new websites or blogs) I have included one of them on the right sidebar (click on the Free Web Submission button) for their convenient usage. And since Google loves fresh content (everything fresh is nice lah!) updating your blog or website often with fresh contents helps. That's what I am doing here. So let's see if I can resuscitate this dead old blog back to life!

Trust this is of some help

BTW - The use of the title of this post - "Dead or Alive" is according to WordTracker (free version) is a keyword with over a thousand searches a day. Whatever.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going Green?

This I thought, would be a "dead" blog now that I'm blogging using WordPress @; but all of a sudden some of my fellow "classmates" at Derrick's Internet Business Course have started a blog at "Kuching Online Business" - so here I am going green by recycling one of my old blogs so that I can use my blogger's ID to post some comments there.

So if anyone of you guys are directed here from "Kuching Online Business" - here's a nice BIG warm welcome here!

And to those newbies trying their hand at blogging for the very first time; Blogger is an excellent platform to begin which I did back in 2005 when I basically stumbled upon it, fumbled with it and now I am completely at home with it! Piece of cake really. Just go ahead and give it a try as nothing's going to break really! Good luck and best wishes.

Above Left: Green in my garden.
Above: Green with envy over the $$$ Derrick's making out of this class of 25 x RM2.6K!