Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going Green?

This I thought, would be a "dead" blog now that I'm blogging using WordPress @; but all of a sudden some of my fellow "classmates" at Derrick's Internet Business Course have started a blog at "Kuching Online Business" - so here I am going green by recycling one of my old blogs so that I can use my blogger's ID to post some comments there.

So if anyone of you guys are directed here from "Kuching Online Business" - here's a nice BIG warm welcome here!

And to those newbies trying their hand at blogging for the very first time; Blogger is an excellent platform to begin which I did back in 2005 when I basically stumbled upon it, fumbled with it and now I am completely at home with it! Piece of cake really. Just go ahead and give it a try as nothing's going to break really! Good luck and best wishes.

Above Left: Green in my garden.
Above: Green with envy over the $$$ Derrick's making out of this class of 25 x RM2.6K!